Saturday, January 29, 2011

This moment in time...

WOW- Yesterday was my last day of working full time! I am not sure it has hit me yet since it's the weekend but come Monday we'll see how I'm doing. My co-workers gave me a wonderful going away party and I packed up and headed out before flooding the place with tears. I am looking very forward to this next season in my life.

Last night I was able to get together with a bunch of Ladies. This isn't just friends getting together - We are all part of a group called Good Morning Girls. This is our 3rd session and includes 24 ladies broken into several small groups.  I love the friendships that have developed between us all. Every other month we try to have a large gathering so we can all mingle. Here are some photos that my Aunt Amy took last night {complements of her facebook}.

The below picture is of Julia and I. We met while working at the VA & quickly hit it off. {A forever friendship was formed} 

The next couple of weeks, our family will be preparing for the arrival of our little boy. This includes finishing up the flooring, making freezer meals, streamlining our cleaning/laundry routine, and spending some time enjoying the quietness of the house.

BTW as you can see in the above photos I have bloomed just a bit in the mid section. I am now 36 weeks!!!


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