Monday, June 22, 2009

Smile you might make someone's day

CLOSED FINALLY!!! This afternoon Aaron and I went to the lawyers to close on our refinance. We took advantage of the low rates like many homeowners. It has been such a long and exhausting process. The people we have had to deal with were not the best but I would like to point out one thing that I was reminded of-NICE MATTERS!! The lady who did our closing was wonderful. She was friendly and pleasant. Although she had to wait for all the documents to come through, 3 separate emails to be exact she was patient, respectful of the bank and didn't let it get the best of her. If she had been like the rest of the people we came in contact with I think I would have gone crazy. So remember the next time you are dealing with someone or something frustrating, be nice and "smile you might make someone's day"

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