Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kitchen Tip Tuesday {and where have I been}...

I been a bit sparse, oh, since about the 3rd week in May. You see I am a routine kinda gal. It doesn't have to be set in stone but some order in my life makes me happy. If I'm off when I usually work, I just don't know what to do with myself. Or if something funky gets thrown in the day that isn't normal, my hair stands a little. SO, I had several ladies staying with me for my SIL's wedding (several weeks ago) AND I had off 3 days. Talk about a double whammy :) Then after wedding weekend we had to get the rest of the garden in, play catch up on the house, etc. which got my routine all outa wack. YAWN!!! I am sure you get the picture. Any who...


Here's your kitchen tip for today:

When cooking dinner try to make extra! Let's just think about this for a minute, no a second is all it will take. If you are browning beef then brown some extra for freezing. Making mashed potatoes, cook some extra. Sunday while making our BIG Sunday lunch I cooked enough ground beef to make some plain and taco seasoned for the freezer. I also made a shepherds pie  with some of the meat and leftover m.potatoes that needed to be used up from the fridge. I now will be able to pull something together for dinner on the nights that I don't have much time or I just didn't get my to my meal planning that week.

Here are some links that might give you some ideas to save time in the kitchen:
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