Thursday, May 23, 2013

This moment in time

Today if you stopped by my house you would find

  • a naked potty training boy
  • his dressed cousin hanging out with him
  • a crying, then happy, then crying baby girl
  • the naked boy run outside as i open the door
  • a big brown puppy dog following behind him
  •  the dog sniffing and pooping in the neighbors front yard
  • a house that was cleaned and picked up this morning-promise
  • me trying to cut out a hat pattern for the baby girl
  • a whole chicken thawing for tonight's dinner
  • half eaten peanut butter sandwich
  • much laughing and fun

Blessed that I have a husband who works hard so I am able to stay at home, house full of babes, a house to call home, food to eat, a sewing machine, and many more things.

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