Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My brother the "Dentist"

My daughter has been losing teeth like crazy lately. She loves to wiggle them but doesn't like when it's time for them to come out. Last Christmas when my brother Eric was visiting and Haily kept complaining about a loose tooth she had. Whining and complaining is not a friend of my brothers so he "talked" her into letting him pull it.

Here's the story:

It was his last day here; I was on the computer upstairs and Haily, Aaron, & Eric were downstairs. I heard this hair curling scream from downstairs and ran as fast as I could to see what happened to my baby. The kitchen floor was painted in blood and the trail led to the bathroom. I peek in to see Aaron and Eric surrounding Haily, whose head was in the sink. They were splashing water in her face and she was not happy about it. I finally was able to give her a hug and ask what happened. She told me that "Uncle Eric promised he wouldn't pull until I said ok..." Eric had distracted her enough to tap the tooth out. It was that loose (not sure why she bled so much).

(Move forward to today)

We are planning to visit Eric in Virginia for Thanksgiving. Haily has a tooth that is loose but won't come out because the new tooth is starting to come in behind it. I couldn't resist telling her "It's a good thing we will be at Eric's soon. He will get that tooth out for you"

Can you hear the screams yet?? Do you have any funny stories or memories about teeth?

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