Thursday, January 7, 2010

The 30 Day Shred Day 5-10

Hello all!!! I bet you thought I stopped shreddin' didn't ya! Nope, although it's slowed down just a bit. My baby girl (now 11 yrs old) had a birthday. With everything going on and such, I wasn't able to keep up with my drill Sgt. Jillian...YES, I will do my push-ups for punishment...wait, she already makes me do those ;)

ANYWAY- I hit the 10 day mark. That means I need to weigh/measure in and give an update. I managed to get in 5(6 ?) out of 10 days of workouts in. Since that equals out to every other day I don't feel so bad.

How do I feel? I feel like I could move to level 2...we'll see how I feel about that tomorrow. I don't dread the it and I am keeping up with everything rather than cutting out a few moves here and there.

How do I look? The same :) Pictures aren't going to be coming until the end. Weight is up 2 lbs and inches are down 2 1/4...Not too bad.

Weight 185 187
Bust 40 39 1/2
Waist 35 1/2 35 1/2
Hip 47 1/2 47 1/4
R/L Arm 12 1/2 R 12 1/4 L 12
R/L Thigh R 25 3/4  L 25 1/4 R 24 1/4 L 25 1/4 
(I think the R original was 1" off originally)
R/L Calf 15 1/2 15 1/4

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