Sunday, February 14, 2010

{Bye, Bye, Baby}

One of the greatest joys that God has given me is watching my little girl grow up. Everyday I see his imprint a little more on her ♥. Thank you Lord for this gift!

Gone are the days of my little baby girl sitting at my feet in the kitchen or curled up in my lap as we read a bedtime story. Now she stands beside me kneading bread or stirring the pot. She doesn't dig in the garden dirt while I tend to it, she is planting and harvesting with me. It seemed appropriate that as we marked this milestone that we give her a "big girl" room...

She will always be my little girl

        {I Love You to the Moon and Back}

Little Hands don't stay little forever
Mom stopped by to help :)

    After paint but before her new bed and shelves...

I'll post the complete project when it gets finished.


  1. The credit must go to my daughter. She picked it out. I thought it was going to be too dark but I love the way it turned out! Thanks for stopping by.



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