Sunday, April 18, 2010

Havin' my cake and eating it too

I went to a baby shower for a dear friend of mine Saturday night. Her husband and my husband grew up together and are "like brothers". This is their 5th child and the first girl *sweet*
I needed to bake the cake so I chose a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache. I had made is a couple of weeks ago for a friends birthday. My husband LOVED it and was excited that I would be making it again.

(Enter my perfectionist personality)

I thought to myself how I was gonna make this cake and get it out the door without him cutting into it. I would simply bring him a piece home. Then I thought of this post. I generally give my husband the biggest portion of meat, first or get him a drink, first. But my beautiful cake, OH NO I couldn't cut into it before I took it to the party. Now some of you might think I am silly for saying this but if I were to tell my husband that this cake was for my friends and he could have the leftovers (if any) then it would be almost like telling him he was second and my friends were thought of first. I put my thinking cap on and came up with a way that I could have my cake (it being pretty and whole when arriving at the party) and eat it too (making sure my husband received the first piece).

Here is a picture of my cake for the party:

Here is the one that I made for my husband so he could have the first piece:

(small custard size)

The response from him was all smiles :)

Now I probably won't be baking separate cakes every time. But I will be more cautious about putting my husband first and everyone else second. Maybe I should work on my perfectionism (is that a word??) too...


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