Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{Mama Mia}

When growing up my mother taught me to cook lots of homemade things. I have carried that into the season of life I am in now. Bread, mashed potatoes, desserts, well they're a piece of cake. Pasta was never on my list of homemade "from scratch". Until my daughter asked if we could make some pasta...I of course said "why not". Within a week I purchased a pasta machine. I guess I could have made it without the pasta machine but I sometimes I tend to dive right in. Last Sunday Haily and I dove on in by making ravioli. Never mind the fact that I didn't have {stuff} for the filling or any sauce. I'd figure something out. Here is a series of pictures showing start to finish...

For the filling I used a block of cream cheese with some fresh basil, salt, pepper and an egg. The sauce is just a can of tomatoes, crushed with italian spices and fresh garlic.

Oh, that little blurb on the picture with my daughter mixing the eggs in (with her favorite utensil - her hands). It says the shells are being saved for the compost pile...stay tuned for the upcoming compost post.

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