Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{How I became a SAHM}

I have been a mother and keeper of my home for 12 years. Of those 12 years, I have worked a full time job and when needed a side job or two. Tasks that needed to get done around the home were squeezed into being a wife, mothering my daughter, helping with homework, making dinner, etc. I knew that when I walked through my back door that I had X amount of time to get everything done. Most of the time I got my list crossed off. 

I noticed that while I was able to get things done, my family and my mental health suffered. I was constantly thinking about what needed to get done next. When life threw a curve ball, I blew up!!! I didn't go outside and scream into the sky, I didn't take a walk to blow off steam, unfortunately my husband and daughter {the very people that God gave me as a gift} received the brunt of it. After a melt down from yours truly, I would have to go apologize and ask for their forgiveness. 

Over 2 years ago I started praying that I could get things under control. I feel that God put a desire in my heart to stay at home. I never wanted this before and  it didn't seem possible then but I kept praying, then my husband joined in.

We knew that when we added another child to the family it would be hard to carry on as it had always been. For several years we worked to pay any debt off and fix things around the house. As I type, the last project that "needed to be done" is being completed. We had a goal and as of January 28th the goal has been met. I resigned from a job that I LOVED so that I could be all that God intended for me to be. It wasn't and won't be easy but with God-all things are possible. In the next month we will welcome our son into our family and I pray that he will not have to see where I was several years ago!!!

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