Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Haily and Gunnar {Birth Stories} Part 1

Let's start off 12 yrs ago...

I was expecting a precious baby right after Christmas 1998. We celebrated Christmas and then New Years- I was overdue!!! On January 5th, I waddled into the doctors office and they sent me to the hospital to be induced. I was relieved, scared, and excited to meet my baby finally. The medicine they gave me to soften my cervix put me into labor. My back hurt so bad and the nurses referred to it as back labor. I am not sure why but the Dr. had ordered that I stay in bed.They wouldn't let me get up even to go to the bathroom. When they started the pitocin to get things moving faster, the contractions really kicked in. The pain was so bad that I asked for something to help. Again, I was disappointed as the Dr. said and epidural or nothing. No walking around, changing positions, etc. After receiving it, I couldn't feel anything, couldn't turn over without help - this was not going as planned.

At 6:45am on January 6th I was only 4cm but when they checked me at 7:45am I had progressed to 10cm! It was time to do the hard work. The nurses hurried around the room to get everything ready, called the Dr. and told my Mom it was almost time. As the Dr. checked me one last time things took a turn. His words were shattering to me - this baby isn't gong to fit - the baby is just too big - You need a c-section.  I was devastated, scared and worried but Dr. knows best so I listened. My mother assured me it would be ok as two of her deliveries (mine included) were c-sections. I was never allowed to even try to deliver vaginally - not one push to just to see how I would do. By 8:03am my baby was born - I heard the first cries - they announced it was a girl and we named her Haily Marie! Then I got sick, started shaking badly, and watched as they wheeled my new daughter out of the room. I wouldn't see her again until that evening. My recovery from surgery was terrible and I don't remember much at all the day she was born. I couldn't hold her because I was too weak. I planned on nursing so she was very hungry when they finally brought her to me. I was still in shock of how things happened so quickly and I really didn't understand why they had to be that way.

We went home after a long week in the hospital. My mother had taken off so that she could be home to help me recover. I will treasure those times. This was her first grandchild and the only one she would ever meet. 

Lot's has happened since then: my mother passed away, we moved to NY, my father passed away, I learned about God and what Jesus did for all of mankind, I met my wonderful husband, and that brings you up to speed :)

To be continued...

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