Monday, November 21, 2011


Last night I sat in the chair-my husband on the couch with a computer in his lap and he said to me "you might as well give up on {Joy Comes from Within}. I check it everyday and you never post anything". OUCH! I simply told him "the dishes are done and the family is fed". That's about how I feel these days.

Example: I decided to hop on today and surprise my husband by posting something. I went to edit posts and the following was sitting in my drafts from 10/17/11. The last actual post was from May. I like to blog but I like my family more. If anything needs to be put on hold, it's the first to stop. Maybe I'll post regular, maybe I won't. In fact, I only started this blog to keep in touch with friends and family not here in NY but I don't think any of them ever read it :)

So dearest husband...this post is for you. xoxo

It's been a bit busy in the last...well let's say 7 months. Adjusting to being at home from a 40hr week 'out of the home' job, having a child in middle school, a newborn who is growing so fast. AH! I wish life would slow down-I feel like I am always trying to "catch up".

This morning I woke up {groggy} as usual and with my little man on my hip stumbled down stairs. Scooch 'the big brown dog' greeted us as always and I set the baby down hoping he would be entertained by the said dog and made a bee line to the kitchen to (can't remember where I was going with this...too long ago)

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