Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{GMG Blessings}

Monday we started our summer session with Good Morning Girls! What a blessing "meeting" with my group has been. We started off several sessions ago with I think 11, then quickly had to break into 2 larger groups (22 ladies). I don't know everyone personally but we share something in common-We love Jesus!!! We even had a lady one of us knew from over seas :) Many prayer request have been shared, we've seen a few miracles and are expecting a few more :) The GMG group is a way for us to be accountable to each other to be in God's word daily but I also look forward to gleaning from the other ladies as well. Many times my scripture for the day is dealing with the same subject as what someone else has read which reaffirms that God is using us to minister to each other. AMEN!!! 
 Julia and I at a GMG gathering (she is 8weeks behind me-a miracle)

If you struggle with being in God's word or maybe you aren't connected with a group of ladies to be a prayer warrior on your behalf please check this out. God is all you need but when you forget, it's nice to have a sister come along side you to point you back towards Him! 

Have a blessed day~Jac

Good Morning Girls 

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