Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Makes {lazy mamas pizza}

When I was feeling sick a couple of weeks ago the last thing I wanted to do was cook. But the family still needed to eat-they can't have cereal every night :) I like to keep a few things on hand for quick, easy dinners. One of our family favorites is pizza. I buy crust, shredded cheese and peperoni to keep in the freezer for quick preparation (I have lots of homemade sauce from my fall canning). Just pull everything out of the freezer in the morning or if your lazy  you forget put the crust in a zip-lock bag and place in a bowl of warm water (the rest can go on the pizza frozen). It takes no time at all to assemble. Pat out your crust • spread on some sauce • sprinkle the cheese • place the pepperoni • add  a few spices • bake on 425 degrees until the crust is done and the cheese is melted to your liking.

This is not my usual way to make pizza. I prefer a homemade crust and I will add more spices to my tomato sauce. It is still a great pizza though. The cost was around $6 which is better on the budget than ordering out. Enjoy the pictures I took of the last one I (and my helpers) made.

PS If you are wondering why our pizza only has half covered in cheese - my sweet little guy is still having trouble with dairy :( Therefore I am still on a no dairy diet. Praying he will be healed soon!!!

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