Sunday, April 22, 2012


We are already starting to think about Thanksgiving around here. 
Our next little blessing is due November 24th!!! 

(now that I'm not tired•sick•emotional)

I had a great first couple of weeks but around 6 weeks all day nausea set in. From mid morning until night time I was perched on the chair curled up like a baby. My poor son would cry every time I sat down. Sometimes he would cuddle with me and others I would lay on the floor in an attempt to play with him. For about a week now, I have felt great. A bout of nausea here and there but nothing that puts me down and out. It has been so long since my first pregnancy (13 yrs) but I didn't much with my son. They say that every pregnancy is different and they are right :) 

Now that I am feeling better, I've been nesting I would say. It happened last pregnancy too. I start hitting my to do list like the baby will be here tomorrow! I can't help it-I'm a planner wanting everything done before I don't feel like doing a thing (which is what I intend to do from November 1st on - lol). 

I have lots and lots of pictures of projects I have done over the past year and will hopefully get them into posts soon. I might even get some pictures of the nursery up before we add the extra crib ;)  

My growing belly and I will be back soon! 


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