Friday, November 16, 2012

Flower Wreath

My son and daughter will be sharing a room once she arrives. I didn't really have a decorated nursery for my son - just a few classic winnie-the-pooh items from Haily's room (now 13yrs old) when she was a baby and a few prints that my sister-in-law sent to me from her son's room. It's simple and gender neutral BUT I wanted to put something a little girly above her crib...I just like girly things :) I found a shelf at salvo for 2 bucks that just needed a coat of off white paint. I also made a wreath to put below the shelf. I have the same sort of set up above my sons toddler bed so it will be a nice balance and will define their "own" space.

I started off my spray painting the $1 grapevine wreath that I found in the front bins at Target. What? You've never browsed that section? You must check it out. I've found many inexpensive gifts and craft projects there :) I did it right on our grass outside because it will soon be blanketed with snow.

Then I made a couple of fabric flowers from my scrap pile. I just sewed a basting stitch, gathered them, used hot glue to secure them as I rolled them up. Because this was flannel fabric it frayed pretty easily. Just pull at the edge and cut off the extra strings. Add a dollop of hot glue and start adding to the wreath. I can't wait to see everything completed and over her crib.

This is what it looks like before pulling the strings. I liked this but decided I liked the messy way better

Add a big dollop of hot glue

Start adding them to the wreath

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