Friday, November 16, 2012

Tuckered out {39 weeks}

So as you see I didn't complete the entire 31 Days of Autumn. Somehow life whizzed by and here it is almost Thanksgiving. My little guy has been keeping me busy along with making lots of little baby girl things. I just can't help myself.

I am 39+ weeks and my midwife says she could arrive anytime :) I went 10 days over with my other two babes and was induced both times. I fully expected the same to happen this time around but early consistent contractions starting at just past 35 weeks had me thinking differently. Then I made a trip to L&D a week later and was sent home. I've also had other labor impending signs that have me thinking any day now but she still hasn't made her appearance. Sleep is almost non-existent since I have to roll over every 45 min and this usually takes me 3 to do. On a brighter note, I still have feet and ankles of normal size!!! Here is what my belly looks like - totally nixed the head because it's been a loooooong day...


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