Saturday, August 15, 2009

I've WHEYed the options

In a previous post I shared a recipe for soaked oatmeal. Part of the process was soaking the oats in whey overnight to maximize the nutritional benefits. There are many sites that I have read about why we should include this process in our baking and you can read more on this topic at Nourished Magazine & health banquet. Many different types of acid solutions are used for soaking (buttermilk, kefir, apple cider vinegar, whey, lemon juice, etc.) but I like to use whey. I start with yogurt and separate it into whey and yogurt cheese. By using this method I get 3 different foods to use. Here is step by step instructions on making whey.

Items needed: bowl, small strainer, cheese cloth or flour sack, plain yogurt (I use organic but any will work)

  • Place the strainer over the bowl and lay the cloth over the strainer. I have found that if you wet the cloth it won't soak up the whey as easily.

  • Pour the yogurt into the cloth up to the rim of the strainer. The whey almost instantly starts dripping out.

  • Twist the cloth and lay to one side. Leave on the counter overnight. Mine usually is done separating within 24 hours. You can test by lifting up the cloth from the strainer and feel the bottom. If it feels slightly dry then it's ready.

  • You will have whey (a yellowish liquid) in the bowl and yogurt cheese (like cream cheese) in the cloth. I put my whey into a mason jar and use the cheese for spreads (add garlic and other fresh herbs) or add to recipes calling for cheese (mac & cheese, lasagna, etc.)
Happy soaking!

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