Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy, I was crazy once!

Here's the lowdown on what's been going on... CRAZINESS!!!
At the Chamberlain household on quaint Cary Ave things have been nuts. We started 4 projects this summer and by we I mean we are handing out the bucks not doing the work because that would be way, way too much on the plate. We instead chose to have contractors redo the front steps + platform, back steps + small deck, install a fence to enclose the entire back yard (including 4 gates (who needs 4 gates for a 50x100 lot???apparently I thought we did)), and finish basement. In the midst of this I am trying earnestly to get my business ready for my first show (2 weeks and hoping that if I count slowly it will be longer than 2 weeks), have some girlfriends over, and go on a mother/daughter retreat. WHEW... I think that I might have bit off more than I can chew. BUT I don't think I have gone CRAZY as I would have in the past. Yes, the good Lord above has taught me something (no, it's not the word no- I am sure He will be molding me on that really soon). I realized it's ok if my life isn't perfect, it's ok to have a messy house when the girls come over, who cares!! (I used to care a lot but not anymore, nope that's not me, I'm done with that). Life is not about how clean your house is or if the weeding is done-hey we could have dirt floors and a drought so that nothing grows not even those pesky weeds. The fellowship and bonding that we do with one another is more important. NOW, I'm not saying that nobody will care-we all have those friends (can we really call them that???) who might mention that you could use a couple hours of housework but use selective hearing when it comes to that. This is a big one accomplishment for me especially since my MIL is a housekeeper...Even she says who cares. LOVE that woman!!! Hopefully my husband will be delighted when he reads this (Honey, do you read my blog?) because it was a source of friction during that WONDERFUL first year of marriage for us.

Bye for now ♥Jac

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