Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This moment in time...

  • Getting ready for Presence on the Patio (Medina, New York) this Saturday. Many things still left to do. Stirring, cutting, stitching, baking, folding, packing - You get the idea.
  • Helping my Sister-in-law pull things together for her wedding in 3 WEEKS! 
  • Looking forward to several little girls coming over for a sleep over this Friday. Haily has been looking forward to this and is planning lots of things for them to do. It's times like these that I am glad we have the basement to "contain" most of the fun.
  • Wondering why I said "Yeah sure" to Haily having several girls over the night before one of my craft shows?!?!?
  • Tired thinking of everything that still has to happen this week and trying to remember that life goes on even if I don't get it all done :)

    Night Y'all! 
    ( I'm loud to use y'all 'cus I really say that, being from Virginia 'n all)
    HaHa I crack myself up

1 comment:

  1. Gosh no wonder neither one of us are getting to our walks!
    Maybe next week after our busy weekends! :)
    Disappointed I can't make it Saturday!



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