Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Poor Birthday Boy

I was excited leading up to the days that my busy little man turned 1! I had a fun day planned of a special breakfast, decorating, eating lunch with Daddy, a birthday dessert just for our little family. When he awoke with a whine, I scooped him up to cuddle in our bed. Daddy wished him a happy birthday and kissed him goodbye. Big sister Hail yelled a birthday wish to him as she was scrambling to get ready for school. He just laid beside me with a somber look on his face, eyes wide open. He sat up and started to lean towards me with what I thought was a sweet kiss. Instead puke welcomed my face. Hails rushed to bring me a towel and I tried to contain the mess that was all over me, Gunz, and my freshly changed sheets. After stripping everything down, it happened again. {Oh no} I said to myself...my little birthday boy was sick. Never has he had a stomach bug and I think he has only had 1 1/2 colds. I just couldn't believe that out of no where he was sick :( I continued on with the morning but his special breakfast was toast (see photo to the left). We were able to eat lunch with Daddy but that was the extent of the day. He laid on the living room floor sleeping for hours while we prepared stuff for his party the next night. He missed dinner and birthday brownies. It was not the day I had planned but it was the day that was supposed to happen.

We will always remember these events and I can totally laugh at the "puke in the face" incident :)  Moving forward into the next year.

What do you remember about your little ones first birthdays?

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