Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A lesson from my son

If you have children then I am sure you have experienced a night or two of no sleep. I am not talking about the newborn eating every few hours sleepless nights. No, these are much worse in my opinion. A night where your little one cries all night and nothing you do can calm them. Your heart aches because you know they are in distress, tired, uncomfortable.

The last couple of nights have been like this in our house. Seriously, last night was rough.  As I was sitting downstairs with a screaming baby at 3:30 am, I wanted to cry out in frustration but I prayed instead. I prayed that I would be able to calm him down and he would feel safe in my arms. He calmed down a few hours later and about 7 this morning we went back to bed.

I am joyful that I was able to love this little boy that God has blessed me with, to make him feel safe and comfortable. I needed last night to remember that God is my source of comfort and I am safe within his arms.

P.S. As I am typing this Gunnar is feeding himself some applesauce and wearing some too :) Feeling much better!

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