Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Days of Autumn : Day 24 - A note

My parents divorced when I was pretty young, 3 1/2 I think. I did not see my father much for various reason and my parents relationship was strained so I never heard many good things about their marriage. My mother died when I was 17 and my father the next year. While going through their things I found a card. It was written when I was born, just a few short years after my father had a stroke. I'm not sure if anyone will ever truly know what this card has meant to me. I was never able to ask them about the good years, I never heard their "falling in love" story, but this card has given me a glimpse into the love they once shared and the joy that my brothers and I brought them.

On the outside of the envelope it reads:
"For my dearest Mattie Ellen on a very special day,
On this day you life as a mother came one step closer to being complete. You bore a daughter. I wish with all my heart that she will grow up to become very close to you. To share your joys, sorrows, and thoughts as a close and trusting friend and to do things together. I give you this simple red rose a representation of my love and devotion and to say thank you for our children. With all my love Mike" 

The inside of the card reads:
"My dearest Darling,
On this day you bore us our third child. It was a girl. God had on this day fulfilled our hopes and dreams and rounded our family out with two boys and a girl. We both cried as we did with our sons. It was a very special day also in many other ways too! The need to be expressed by me. Our decision and your acceptance to bear us a third child was one of remarkable courage, strength, and unselfish giving on your part. For only you knew the pain, hurt, and scares that would be endured. Fully knowing this you gave yourself joyfully. For this act of unselfishness and many others over the years I will always love and cherish your very presence and existence.
With all my love and undying devotion---I will always remain only yours, Mike"

I will forever be grateful that this card was spared through the many moves. It gives me a glimpse of the love that they shared once and how much they love my brothers and I.

Side note update: My husband called me from work to tell me I need to proof read this post better. Gotta love him! He finds mistakes in Haily's letters that come home from school-makes big red circles around them-HA! Truth is about 1/4 of the words on the card were misspelled due to my fathers stroke and it was hard typing the correct spellings and not the way I was reading it. I think I have them all fixed now :)

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