Tuesday, September 15, 2009

These hands were made for workin'

I'm back!!! Lately I have had way too much to do and somthing had to give. I wanted to let the laundry go since that is the one thing I could put off. Well when I think about it I don't mind sorting or putting into the washer. I also like to smell the clean fresh clothes drying and to feel their warmth as I take them out of the dryer...that's where the task turns from love to hate not really like. My wonderful husband on the other hand despises laundry left unfolded and not put away. The next logical thing that had to be put to the back burner was the computer. Don't get me wrong I have hopped on fb at midnight for like 5 min or so but I have really stayed away from the computer. The reason for my sabbatical you ask... 1) I had my first and second show to get ready for 2) Haily started 5th grade-my how the time goes quickly 3) Fall programs started at church and I had Sunday School stuff to get ready :) 4) Gardening HAD to get done... I could keep going but mentioning gardening brings me to a thought. I'm thinking that my arm (the inside fleshy part, the part that shakes when you raise your arm to wave..you all know what I'm talking about) and rump hurt. As I was cleaning out the mint that has taken over my herb garden bees started to buzz around. Before I knew it I was stung in the arm. I ran around my back yard like someone was chasing me with a knife. Then before my sweet husband could stop me I was stripping off my shirt and swinging it all around. The bee was STUCK inside my shirt. I felt stupid after I realized what I had done and made a glance up to make sure my neighbors didn't see me (I knew they could hear me). I slowly put my shirt back on and went to digging again. Then came the bees; 20 or so this time. I ran like a mad women, they chased me, they were in my shirt again, off it came again!!! I could still hear it buzz, buzz, buzz. I realized that I had a BEEhive hair do. Yup they were in my hair. I started shaking my head all around and next thing I knew my hand went to my rump. It got me right smack dab in the middle of my behind...I was DONE!! I have to say that getting stung 2 times is enough for me to call it quits. So that is what I have been up to. Things are getting back into a schedule for us.

I hope to share more on organizing our everyday stuff as it can get nuts if we don't stay on top of things. I have many little tips that I use to keep my house in check while still serving in other areas.

Do you have any ideas you would like to share?

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