Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yes, I am one of those gals who don't usually care for surprises. Not sure why but I have always been that way.

BUT last night...that was a nice surprise!

You see our schedule at home has been just a bit nuts lately and for some reason I haven't been writing things down on our family calendar (it would help if I could find it). Because of this I keep forgetting-remembering-forgettig about birthday parties, new years parties, etc. Move forward to yesterday - I was supposed to bring my bread machine to work for a friend to come pick it up. Usually I am making more than 1 loaf and I really like to make bread, with my hands ;) so when she mentioned that she was going to buy one to make her gluten free bread I told her to take mine to try. Needless to say I didn't remember the bread machine and when she called to meet me, I had to tell her I forgot it but could bring it to her house later on. Being the dear friend she is, she invited us to have dinner. Bread maching = diner for 3 and not cooking, yup I was in... Then on my way home I remember that Haily had been invited to stay overnight for a slumber party. The surpise was that I got to double date and play scrabble for hours without hearing {can we go yet, I'm tired, Mommmmmm let's go}.

Yea for surprises!!!

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