Thursday, September 27, 2012


I have been part of a group called Good Morning Girls for the last several years. This 12 week session I decided to do a study on simplicity. I just finished the week on "The freedom of simplicity". It used 1 Samuel 17 also know as the David and Goliath account. 

Goliath relied on his own strength to win battle after battle. He wore the best armor, used the most up to date weapons and boasted about his victories. David on the other hand was a humble boy who came to battle with a sling, a couple stones, and God. Seems to "simple" but David was victorious and knew that the true victor was not himself but God!!! 

When we fight "battles" remember that we need to rely on God for strength and give Him the honor when the battle is won. We don't need anything special-we simply need Him. I am by no means calling God simple, it's just that we as humans try to complicate things more than necessary.

Enjoy this beautiful fall day ~Jac

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