Friday, September 7, 2012

One Quilt, Two Quilt

Two years ago (this month) I found a pattern for an adorable little boys quilt. As soon as I had the chance I bought the fabric, showed it to the family and told them of my plans to make his quilt before he arrived in 5 months! That poor quilt has yet to be made :( I had in intentions to make it many times but as you know from my previous post, time gets away from me. The other day I went looking for the blog and pattern online and couldn't find it. I checked my pinterest, (duh, we didn't have pinterest 2 years ago) I searched for over an hour and finally found it. I'm giving myself until the end of September to get his quilt done. I have however already finished our sweet baby girls quilt. It's been done for over a month and she isn't due for 11 more weeks.

I saw a pattern for a rag quilt back in July and knew that was the quilt that I wanted to make for our little girl. I went to my local Joanns and searched for 7 different but coordinating fabric. I had a hard time but finally found some that would work. I think next time I will go to the city so I have more of a selection. I followed the pattern directions to a T but found in the end a couple hiccups. First off, flannel shrinks so much when you wash it that you don't end up with a 1/2 yard. My recommendation would be to purchase 3/4 yard in 7 fabrics and 2 1/2 yards of the middle (white is what I used). The 1/2 yard for the binding was plenty and with the little extra from cutting your strips you can add into the binding. I ended up cutting my strips in 5 3/4 inches and 3 inches (if there was enough fabric) or 2 1/2 inches when there wasn't. I also had to trim quite a bit of the sides after everything was stitched due to the width shrinking so much. I know it might sound confusing but I promise it will make sense once you start making it :) If you have any question, please email me and I'll help ya out!

Here are some pictures as I progressed on the quilt. I made it in a weekend with some help of my little guy! He is such a "helper".
Big pile of freshly washed fabric.

Make sure to iron out your fabric-it makes it so much easier to measure, cut, and sew.
See how much it shrunk-BOO!

My little helper is so cute :)

All the strips are cut and ready to be assembled.

Put one strip right side down, add a white strip, and place another strip right side up and pin together.

Whew, everything all pinned up and ready to sew.

Sew a straight line down the middle. I used a contrasting fabric.

See the layers?

Lay out your strips in the order you want. Believe it or not this took me the longest!

After sewing the strips (make sure you always but the backs to each other before sewing) cut slits.

This is what the front and back look like.

So proud of himself and all the hard work he did!
Binding all done, freshly washed and getting some fresh air.   

Now it just need some cool weather and a sweet baby girl to wrap itself around :) 

I followed this tutorial for the quilt and this tutorial for the binding.

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