Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cute pumpkin idea

While doing some much needed organization in the basement, I discovered that I have an overage of canning jar rims. One of my Facebook friends posted a picture this week of a pumpkin made out of rims. I wish I had the link for you but it's only a picture-no link. Since I couldn't find a tutorial on making one-I made a one of my own (after a little playing around to get it just right).

I had more of the regular size rims in silver and gold - I used 20 in total. 

Start stringing them onto a piece of twine or yarn. I made sure mine were all going the same way. 

Once you get them on the string, pull it as tight as you can making the rims form a circle.
This is when I realized I would need at least 20 of them.

How lovely do these look?!? Pumpkin muffins (dairy free)
My sister-in-law dropped these off during my little project-notice one is missing :) 

I probably could have added more rims but thought this was good enough.
(more like my little guy was demanding some attention)

I remembered I had some green burlap. After searching for a while I finally found it.
I made a leaf design then folded in half when cutting out so I would have two.

My 2 little leaves. Pretty cute :)

I hot clued 3 cinnamon sticks in the center, then my leaves.
Here is the finished pumpkin in it's new home. I'm counting down the minutes until 
my little guy finds it. 

   This was a pretty easy, fast and cheap project to complete. Now go make one for yourself :)

Funny note: It took 3 minutes after this picture was taken for him to find and play with it.

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