Monday, September 24, 2012

Reusable Lunch Bags

My daughter went back to school at the beginning of September. Within a week of packing lunches, I was sick of using so many plastic baggies. I had asked her to save them so we could use them all week but alas, she is a teenager and you think she is going to remember that if she can't remember to pick up the wet towel off the floor?!?! Yeah right :)

I have seen many reusable bags on Etsy and other blogs. I knew they wouldn't be hard to make, I just needed to pick up the fabric, nylon and get to it. I like the versions that are water-proof on the inside and also the ones with zippers but for right now I was willing to settle for easy and quick. Here is my version! They've been loved in many lunches already.

My fabric of choice-off the clearance rack

My lap overfloweth :)

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