Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days of Autumn : Day 10 - Family

I totally missed day 9. I am really not sure were yesterday went??? For today, I had planned on going outside to take some pictures of the beautiful fall leaves but ended up doing a lot of running around today. The morning started off running late, then I had to pick my sick girl up from school, dropped her off at home then headed to work for to get some important things done. When I got home I laid down with Gunnar to get him to sleep and ended up sleeping with him for an hour. Upon waking the bus came with the boy I "keep and eye on" after school. I was doing the dishes pondering what I was going to make order for dinner when I heard a knock. I thought I had locked the door mistakenly but when I checked my brother was standing at the door. My brother Eric all the way from Virginia came up with a friend who's dad lives 30 minutes away. SO COOL! I being my pregnant emotional self cried and then sent him upstairs to wake Hails up. Can not say how surprised I am and that is one hard thing to do. Only a handful of true surprises in my entire lifetime :) Hails, Gunnar, and my husband are pretty excited too. I guess I'm still a little girl at heart ♥ and get all giddy to see family!
Enjoying some reading with Uncle Eric

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