Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days of Fall : Day 8 - BLESSED

A few weeks ago I turned 30. To celebrate , I hosted my first giveaway. The winner requested the word BLESSED on her banner. Loved making it for her and I couldn't help but know how blessed I am as well. I serve a risen savor who loves me more than I could ever understand, I have a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful children with another on the way, a couple of big brothers who serve our country and take care of their "squirt", in-laws who treat me as their own, a warm home, food on my table. The list could go on a really long time! I'm gonna try to remember how blessed I am every day. It doesn't mean each day will be grand or each relationship I have will be perfect but still I am blessed :)

How are you feeling blessed today?

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