Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days of Autumn::Day 4 - Quilt update

As mentioned before, I have had my little guys quilt fabric since before he was born. Four quilts finished later and I have his quilt top done :) It actually went pretty fast once I started it. Tuesday I cut out all the pieces, Wednesday morning I laid it out and sewed every chance I got throughout the day finishing it about 10ish on Wednesday night. Maybe I have a problem, once I start a sewing project, it consumes me until it's finished (or at least until I get to the binding). Maybe it's just my mother coming out in me :) I like that excuse! I wish she were around to see how much I enjoy sewing & cooking now - 2 of her loves! I'm just glad she didn't see the red marker all over her machine, LOL

So happy with how it turned out. It makes it even more special that his Daddy picked out the fabric!

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