Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 Days of Autumn :: Day 5.6.7

Where to begin...

Day 5 started at 4am for me. After trying to fall back asleep and being unsuccessful, I gave up. I had laundry started, a cup of coffee and devotions done by 5am! The rest of the day was a complete blur ending with the Ladies Tea at our church.

Day 6 marked 5 years of being married to my lovely husband. We spent the day cleaning, organizing, cooking, and ending with dessert. It was busy, productive, and just wonderful to spend it with him.

On to Day 7...As I type this I am listening to a SCREAMING toddler. He is mad because he can't have his way and in the words of his daddy "There are people who get poked with a hot iron that don't scream like that"-That's how bad it is :( Not giving in though. Yesterday we organized the attic and brought all the fall stuff down to be cleaned and purged. That's what I did today after church-I went from 3 bins and numerous bags down to 1 bin. LOVE letting go of stuff that I don't use or need. I broke down and put some fall stuff up because it's my favorite season but didn't go overboard knowing I'll be 37 weeks along when I am putting it away and getting out the table Christmas tree. I decided that since the house is small and we will all the baby stuff out that it just makes sense to only put up a small tree.

I am looking forward to a new week-continuing to get everything on my list done before I can't do anymore. I want the the month of December to be focused on family and enjoying our new little babe and not Christmas shopping, running around, etc.

I need to finish up my night routine and get to bed (on the chance that morning comes at 4 again).


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